wich Got Me Banned From Cancun Hotels For Life

Things to Do In Cancun

I have to warn you…

From the moment you arrive in Cancun, until the moment you leave, every person whose path you cross, wants one thing… Your money. And trust me, they will get it if you’re not prepared.

They take advantage of people just like you everyday. These guys are experts at separating you from your money. We all underestimate them and it is a critical mistake.

This one of a kind book prepares you… Educates you… And saves you tons of money.

This is why, if you are coming to Cancun on vacation, you must read every word of this letter. Don’t be another naive victim of the “Cancun Connection”.

Inside, I reveal dozens of secrets “they” do not want you to know. I shine a spotlight on things like…

The only way to get from the airport to your hotel for about $5 per person. Forget the $45/person shuttles and $60 cab rides. This ONE tip covers your entire investment in this guide!
How to save hundreds on tours, excursions and souvenirs. This alone is worth the investment in the guide
How I stayed in a water front hotel for $40 a day… and you can too… And I enjoyed dirt cheap drinks at the tiki bar
The one question you MUST ask before you ever get into a cab. (I was actually threatened for publishing this)
5 restaurants with delicious food where you can eat on the water for about $5-6 per person (And yes, they are in the Hotel Zone)
The rental car “secret” Expedia won’t tell you that will double your bill. And what to do about it.
And that is only a fraction of what is inside this 56 page “insider’s guide” to Cancun

From: Juan Doe

Location: The Beaches of Cancun, Mexico

Dear Cancun Visitor,

Are you ready for the truth about Cancun?

Cancun is one of the most beautiful places in the world, right? Unfortunately, it has a dirty, seedy underground which few tourists know about.

I call it the “Cancun Connection”.

This group conspires to make Cancun one of the biggest, most efficient tourist traps in the world.

For starters, 4 million people travel to Cancun every year. The reason why is as clear as the Caribbean.

cancun beaches

Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is warm enough all year long to enjoy the beach everyday.

And it is close enough to the USA and Canada that air tickets are relatively inexpensive.

But for those that don’t have this book…

Getting to Cancun cheap is the last cheap thing you will do your entire vacation.

Let me tell you something you may not already know…

“Cancun is not cheap!”

Many visitors are surprised to discover this. They think of Mexico as being a relatively poor country with a low cost of living. 

It’s true for many parts of Mexico. But it is most definitely not true of Cancun or any part of the Riviera Maya.

All these destinations (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen) lie in the most expensive state in Mexico, Quintana Roo.

Soon after you arrive, you will discover…

Airport Taxis Taxis in the hotel zone are outrageous. It will cost you more to drive 3-10 miles from the airport to your hotel than it would in New York City; around $60 USD. And just to go a few blocks… $8 minimum!
Airport Shuttles The shuttle, where they pack 10-15 of you in a hot van will cost you $45-60 per person. And you’ll have to stop at every other passenger’s hotel unless you are lucky enough to be staying at the first stop.
Restaurants The tourist restaurants in the hotel zone cost as much and even more than in any major city in the world. But there are a few exceptions which I’ll tell you all about.
Drinks Drink prices at your hotel, restaurants and bars will rival or exceed drink prices in a nice bar in a major American city. For example, a large piña colada at Señor Frogs in the Hotel Zone will cost you about $15!
Souvenirs Souvenirs like t-shirts, caps and trinkets can be very expensive in Cancun if you don’t know where and how to buy them. You will save 300% or more after reading this book.
Shopping Cancun has some of the finest stores in the world selling designer jewelry and clothing. And the prices match or exceed prices in Los Angeles or London. Do not come here looking for a bargain on those type of items
Tourist Attractions Almost every tourist attraction is going to be more expensive than what a normal person thinks it should be. To get into some of the major parks like Xcaret costs more than it does to get into Disney World, around $125 per person for 1 day.

The plan and purpose of every part of the tourist industry in Cancun is to squeeze every dollar they can out of you, at every point in your journey.

But it does not have to be that way.

“Ok Juan, Who Are You Guys?”

It’s a great question because you need to know we know what we’re talking about.

You don’t want to take advice from some travel agent who spent a week here. They would have no clue how it really works. And you sure don’t want to take advice from your hotel concierge. (Hint: He’s paid for everything he recommends)

And please don’t take any advice from the free guides, maps and pamphlets they pass out at your hotel, rental car stands and area restaurants! Because everything in them is paid advertising.

Everything we recommend is unsolicited, tried and true advice.

Ok, so who are we?

This book was written by two people with two very different but equally valuable points of view. Juan Doe of Cancun

The first, Juan Doe is a Mexican national, born and raised in Mexico. He has spent the last 28 years living and working in Cancun, very close to the tourist industry.

Juan is providing the “inside” information only a local knows.

This guy knows everyone who is anyone in Cancun. Walking down the street with him is an adventure and also an exercise in patience. He can’t take 10 steps without someone saying hello to him.

He’s worked in or with all the tourist businesses and hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. He knows all the scams, tricks and their operating tactics.

The second guy is me, John Doe.

I’m an American living and operating a business in Cancun for the past year. I love it here and I’ve learned so much more living here than I ever knew as a 3-time tourist.

I am providing the American point of view on Juan’s suggestions. As well as throwing in a lot of my own.

John DoeLet’s face it, Americans, Canadians and UK citizens have different views about what is acceptable, appropriate or even entertaining.

I bring the non-Latin perspective.

For example, some of the places Juan likes to eat… I’m sorry but I won’t eat there and neither would you.

I mean, how many people like to eat tacos made with cow eyes, tongue or cheek?

So, those suggestions were left out and all the good stuff was left in. But the important thing is…

Between the two of us, we know Cancun inside and out.

By the way, you may be wondering why we are using anonymous names.

The truth is, there are many people in Cancun who would be very interested in knowing who is providing this information.

And they would do almost anything to stop it from getting out. We have to protect our identities in order to live happily and safely and operate our businesses here.

Yes, it is that serious.

But we are committed to helping visitors to Cancun. Personally, I am sick and tired of seeing all the “sheep” getting sheared by the locals. That is my motivation. In this book…

“We Expose ALL the Tricks the Cancun Connection Uses to Empty Your Wallet!”

And naturally, we show you how to:

  • Not be a victim of the “Cancun Connection”
  • Save a lot of money on everything you do
  • Eat, drink and shop like a local (and learn a lot about the real Cancun)
  • And still have an amazing, fun and more adventurous vacation

Cancun is such a beautiful place with so many fun things to do. It is why I moved here. I highly recommend you visit Cancun. But before you do, you must…

Read “Cancun on The Cheap”.

Introducing…Cancun on the cheap

“Cancun On The Cheap”

The only Cancun guide which really saves you money.

It was written by locals, for tourists.

We pull back the curtain on the scams, tricks and techniques the “Cancun Connection” uses to empty your wallet. There is nothing else like “Cancun On The Cheap” available anywhere.

Take a look at the table of contents:

Cancun On The Cheap
Chapter 1: The Mexican Connection Chapter 6: Eating Cheap But Good
Chapter 2: Where to Stay Cheap Chapter 7: Drinking For Less
Chapter 3: Start Saving Before You Come Chapter 8: The Night Life On A Budget
Chapter 4: How To Get To and From The Airport For $5 Chapter 9: Tours and Excursion Deals
Chapter 5: How To Get Everywhere Else for Peanuts Chapter 10: Shopping For Bargains
Chapter 6: Beach Bargains Chapter 11: Montezuma’s Revenge & Other Mishaps

As you can see, everything is covered from arrival to departure. And even before you arrive. Each chapter has moneysaving tips which can save you any amount from $1 to $50,000!

No, I’m not kidding about saving $50,000.

You’ll know what I mean when you read Chapter 1. It is easily the most important chapter and almost every other chapter builds upon what you discover there.

But that’s just the beginning. Let me give you some juicy details about the rest of the book…

point The concierge is there to help you, right? Wrong. Find out why on page 10
point This one word: ███████ can cost you $50,000 if you don’t know what to do when you hear it. (Page 9)
point The one thing you MUST remember, even if you forget every other word in the book. (pg 10)
point The dirty little secret your bell boy, bus driver and taxi driver all know. And how it can cost you money (pg 10)
point The sneaky tactic the “Cancun Connection” uses to drop your guard. 99% don’t have a clue what happened until they open their wallet. (pg 10)
point The most important rule in Cancun. Learn it by heart. It applies universally and saves you a fortune. (pg 10)
point Warning: Never ask your bus driver for a recommendation. (pg 11)
point The little-known option for a beachfront stay that most never even think of. And 5 websites you must know to take advantage of this option. (pg 12)
point How I got a waterfront hotel for $40 a night. Today, nobody ever thinks of this. The same idea can save you $50/night at ANY hotel. And I learned it from a guy in the hotel business. (pg 13)
point The last place you should EVER stay… Unless you plan to follow every word of advice in this guide. (pg 14)

“Wow! I’m Saving In More Ways Than I Can Imagine”

Exactly! That’s the whole idea.

And it is necessary because the “Cancun Connection” has more ways to take your money than you ever imagined. You have to be on your guard at all times. Everyone wants your money.

But I’m not through yet. Let’s look at some more ways to save.

point Save $20 or more by bringing these 2 simple things. Everyone forgets the first one yet everyone must have it. (pg 15)
point 3 Things you must NOT do in Cancun until you know the right way to do them. This tip alone can save you $160 on a 4 day trip. (pg 16)
point All convenience stores are the same right? Wrong. One will cost you 20-30% more but their prices are the same. (pg 17)
point Dollars or pesos? Finally, you’ll know which to use and when. (pg 17)
point The 45% “American Surcharge” for riding the bus. And how to pay what the locals pay. (pg 16)
point The only place in Cancun to pay for a pack of gum with a $100 bill and get your change in pesos at an incredible exchange rate. Hint: It’s not Walmart (pg 16)
point The dirty little trick Walmart plays on Americans paying with dollars. (pg 16)
point The 5 ways to get to your hotel from the airport. One costs $4.11/person, the rest at least 4X that much. (pg 18)
point The disadvantage or taking a shuttle which nobody ever thinks about until they’re sitting on the hot bus. (pg 19)
point The one time it’s actually better to bite the bullet and take a cab from the airport. (pg 20)

“So I Save Before I Even Leave Home?”

Yes you do.

And as soon as you land, you continue saving. You need this information so you don’t walk off the plane like an innocent lamb to slaughter. You have to be prepared because these guys are experts.

And you will be prepared. Here’s some more inside information only you will get:

point The 2 times you should NOT ride the bus. For several reasons. (pg 21)
point My own little “trick” for choosing the best bus to ride. They are not all the same, even on the same route. (pg 21)
point The secret “skim” every bus driver takes but you do not have to contribute if you know this rule. (pg 22)
point 1 simple question to ask any cab driver before you get in… This tip will easily save you $50 on a 4-day trip. (pg 22)
point The “Speed Trap” you must know about if you’re driving a rental car. Hint: It’s different than America (pg 23)
point The driving maneuver you do everyday in the States which will get you a ticket immediately. Learn 1 easy Spanish word and its not a problem. (pg 23)
point 2 reasons why you should consider renting a car for 1 day to see Chichen Itza or Playa Del Carmen. (pg 23)
point The secret about Mexican beaches the hotels wish you did not know. And how to take advantage of it to see some of the best beaches in Cancun (pg 24)
point █████ ████ is one of the best beaches in Cancun and 99% of all tourists haven’t heard of it or even know how to get there. But, it’s right under their noses (pg 25)
point How to get treated like a millionaire on a beautiful beach for about $15 a day. Showers, umbrellas, tropical drinks, the works. (pg 25)

“You Get the REAL Inside Scoop”

Believe me, this stuff is simple but very effective.

When you think like a local, you spend like a local. And with an average salary of about $5/day, these people have to know how to do things cheap.

So will you.

Here are a few more tidbits from the guide:

point 8 places to eat excellent food in the Hotel Zone for under $10 per person. Most are $5 or less. (pg 27-38)
point Where to eat a great cheeseburger in the shade with a beautiful view of the setting sun over the lagoon. And spend less than $6 per person. (pg 27)
point A dirt-cheap, hidden seafood restaurant in the heart of the Hotel Zone with tables on the beach and palms wrapped with Christmas lights. If you don’t read about it here, you’ll never find it. (pg 28)
point A local Italian restaurant with amazing pasta and smoothies. About $10/plate but servings so big you can share and both be full. (pg 29)
point Where to get a massive burrito and michelada for about $7, 24 hours a day. Its Canadian operated and its near the bars.
point A neat little trick for saving $5-10/person on an “all you can drink” bracelet in the bar area. (pg 31)
point The single best place to buy a bottle of booze. If you drink bourbon, you MUST read this. (pg 32)
point The restaurant/bar in the bar area which is 2 for 1 all day, every day. (pg 32)
point Where to buy tours and excursions to save $10/person or more. And the little white lie your hotel will tell you about this place. (pg 33)
point The popular souvenir shop you shouldn’t touch with a 10′ pole. And the misleading advertising on their sign. (pg 34)

“I Get Great Restaurants at McDonalds Prices?”

Yes you do.

The pasta at the Italian restaurant rivals any other. And the others… excellent seafood caught the same day… authentic Mexican food. You can’t be here without this information.

Do you really want to eat at Outback while you’re in Cancun?

And the souvenir savings are huge. Everyone has to bring something back to their friends and family right?

Well now, you can be the hero when you come home because your suitcase will be jammed with souvenirs. When you see how cheap you can REALLY get them, you’ll buy something for everyone.

But that’s not all. You haven’t seen half of what you get:

point The secret souvenir shop with amazing prices, sitting right in the middle of some of the most expensive shops in the Hotel Zone. (pg 34)
point The little market where locals go which you must visit for authentic Mexican crafts at a great price. (pg 35)
point 3 places to go if you forgot your camera memory card (haven’t we all?) If you buy one near your hotel, you’ll be taken to the cleaners. (pg 35)
point How to properly shop a massive market like Mercado 28. And then how to buy for 3X less than the asking price. (pg 36)
point The amazing doctor who will come to your room for about $30. Even if it is 3 am! (pg 38)
point A great dentist, very close, who can do emergency repairs on any dental issues you have. And she’s cheap! (pg 38)
point The contact information for an excellent optometrist when you lose your glasses snorkeling (pg 42)
point And if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, the best damn tattoo artist in Cancun is on page 39.

“I Hope I Don’t Need a Doctor or Dentist…”

I do too but things can happen, right?

People lose their glasses. Crowns fall off. We all get a stomach ache.

If one of these things happen, I don’t want you to be at the mercy of the doctor the hotel calls. Because if you are, you’re going to pay like an American. And that means hundreds of dollars.

This information is like cheap insurance.

“Let’s Wrap It Up”

As you can see, there are dozens of ways this guide will save you money.

I doubt you will use them all but you don’t have to. If you just use a few of the money-saving ideas in this guide, you will save significant money.

And if you use them all… Wow! Let’s take a look at the possibilities. Here are some average numbers for a couple on a 4 day trip.

I’m not including hotel costs because they are so variable but the savings can be significant. And I’m not including a rental car because most don’t rent but if you do, you’ll save at least $20/day with the advice in the guide.

This is not the worst case.

Cancun Vacation Savings
Item Without Guide With Guide Savings
Airport Transportation
Local Transportation
Meals (assuming all-inclusive for most meals)
Night Club
Totals $1,029.00 $578.68 $450.32

See what I mean?

The average couple can save $450 dollars just by reading this guide before they go. For you, it may be a little less or a whole lot more. It depends on your preferences and decisions. But no matter which advice you choose to take, you will save a significant amount of money.

If that table doesn’t convince you, this guide is something you must have before you go to Cancun, let me make it a little easier.

“I Guarantee You Will Save At Least 2X Your Investment In Cancun On the Cheap”

Look, I’m so confident in the informat that this is an easy guarantee to give you. I know without a doubt that you will save a bundle if you take only a fraction of my advice.

So I’m not crazy. Here is our personal guarantee to you.

My Personal “Save 2 Times the Price” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Juan and I have devoted hundreds of hours to create this guide for you.

We’ve driven all over Cancun… Eaten at dozens or restaurants… Just to make sure we give you the best information we can.

We know you are going to be thrilled with the content… Thrilled with the money you will save… and you will even impress your friends with all your indepth knowledge of Cancun.


If for ANY reason at all you are not thrilled to death…

If for ANY reason at all you do not think you got the real scoop…

If for ANY reason at all you do not think you saved 2X your investment in this guide…

Send an email to juan@cancun-travel-guide.com or john@cancun-travel-guide.com and get an immediate and complete refund. No questions asked.

Guarantee sealWe want you to be totally satisfied with the information we have painstakingly provided. We believe you will be.

But if not, please let us know. We will get all your investment back pronto.

John DoeJuan Doe





With this guarantee, we’re taking all the risk.

You have to be happy. You have to save money or we don’t want your money. I know you’re going to be thrilled with the content and the money you save.

So let’s get going…

“It’s Decision Time… Are You Going To Cancun Ready For Savings or Slaughter?”

It’s really not a tough decision, is it?

If you don’t get the guide, it is like going into enemy territory without doing your intelligence gathering. That is the best way to get into deep trouble fast. With the guide, you’ll be fully informed and prepared to recognize all the “Cancun Connection’s” tactics.

And that is the point, right?

When you know your enemies move, you know how to counter it. Imagine, when you know that…

  • You can eat a great meal, Mexican or American, for less than $5-6 a person, you’re not going to aimlessly wander into Señor Frogs and get fleeced.
  • You can get to your hotel for less than $6 per person, you’re not going to get in the $60 cab
  • You can get souvenirs for everyone back home at the same prices locals pay instead of 300-1000% more, you’ll be able to make everyone happy back home

“OK, Juan, How Much Is Cancun On The Cheap?”

Relax, we’re not publishing this guide to get rich.

We’re putting the information out there to inform as many people as we can. And there’s no way we could do that if we charged some ridiculous amount for it.

You can be sure of one more thing…

We are well aware of how hypocritical it would be to write a book about saving money in Cancun and charge a fortune for it. We want everyone coming to Cancun to have a copy of this guide with them at all times.

And there is only one way to ensure that happens… Price it low!

So, that is exactly what we did. We know you have probably already shelled out $1,500 to $2,500 or more for air and hotel (or you’re going to). And we know the average tourist in Cancun, not the ones reading this guide, spend $100/day per person. Even IF they’re in an all-inclusive resort!

So obviously you need a break, right?

That’s why we’re only asking about 1/2 of what you’ll save when you take our advice traveling from the Airport to your hotel… only $27.

You know what?

As I write this, I’m changing my mind. High season in Cancun is very close. A lot of people are coming to Cancun. I want to make this a no-brainer for every traveler. For the rest of high season, your investment will be only $27! After that, I may raise the price at any time, so get your guide today.

With an investment like that, you’re guaranteed to make it back your first day. Why wait any longer? Proceed to the Priority Order Form and get your guide.

Priority Order Form

yes“YES! John & Juan, I want my guide now so I can save on THIS trip to Cancun. I want the inside scoop.

I understand by clicking the button, I will be taken to Clickbank where I will invest only $27 and then I will get:

  • 52 pages of detailed inside information on Cancun
  • Every juicy detail about the “Cancun Connection”
  • Lists of excellent restaurants in the Cancun Hotel Zone where I can eat for less than $6 a person
  • How to get souvenirs at rock bottom prices
  • Critical information to handle any emergency (medical, legal, dental or otherwise)
  • Dozens of excellent bars, restaurants and clubs that only the locals know about where I’ll find excellent food, cheap drinks and a real Mexican atmosphere

You are giving me all of this information, and the guarantee that I get my investment back before I even get to my hotel…

I’d be crazy not to click the order button before my trip.

So, I’m doing it right now. I know my guide will be instantly delivered electronically.

I can read it tonight, on the plane to Cancun or whenever I want. Send me my guide now.

Order Now

accept credit cards

You’re going to have a great trip in this beautiful city on the most beautiful beach in the world. You’re going to come here with your eyes wide open. Nobody is going to take advantage of you.

I know you’re going to save hundreds of dollars with this guide. It is our pleasure to offer it to you. Don’t wait to get it because you’ll kick yourself if you forget to buy it. Have fun in Cancun.

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How To Find Cheap Vacation Packages

Planning a vacation is part of the fun, but I can be a lot of work. There are many things that must be well-planned to ensure a great holiday. One needs to think about needs, requirements, budget limitations, and the time frame. Then start searching for some cheap vacation packages.

There are many types of package and all inclusive tours out there, but one must read the fine print to see if it really is a good deal. Usually most people buy pre paid tours online. There are packages for everyone that offers unique experiences, for even the seasoned or jaded tourist.

Here are some hints to help improve the overall success of your vacation. Remember the lowest cost tour generally is not the finest. So take time and be a discerning shopper. Be patient and look around, otherwise you can end up with unexpected problems and extra expenses. And if one travels with children, check on any age restrictions.

Nowadays, the all inclusive tours are the rage because people are lured by the promise of total relaxation, no extra costs, everything included, and a many activities. One can leave their credit card and billfold at home. These packages usually include airfare, airport pickup, accommodation, all the food, drink, and activities at the resort.

Focus on the inclusives and what things are not free. Some places only allow one to eat at one restaurant, while the other buffets, a la carte, and formal dining rooms cost extra.

If one does not want the all inclusive package, search online for the other kinds of package tours. These tours usually include airfare an accommodation. Many are really bargain deals, because many large companies buy slots and air tickets in bulk.

Be open with your travel dates and try to travel during off season periods. But look around because some places that are not popular tourist destinations offer great deals even during high season. Yes, there are last minute bargains if one is flexible and keeps checking online. One other concern is the weather. No one wants to sit at a resort in the rain for a week, unless you like the Amazon jungle. Check the rainy and hurricane seasons in the area and the average temperatures.

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A perfect vacation can be ruined by forgetting to take necessary accessories. Depending on the part of the world, one usually needs sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, mosquito repellent that works, camera with rechargeable batteries, and a jacket.

A holiday is what one makes of it, turn the bad moments around with a sense of humor. Have fun choosing cheap vacation packages. If one is well-prepared then success is just at the end of the runway.

Saving Money With Cheap Vacation Packages

When people want to save money on travel, they often consider cheap vacation packages. A package deal may sometimes let families save on hotel expenses, car rentals, airline flights, and meal services. People who want to take advantage of these savings may not know where to find them. By searching online or by working with a travel agent, a family may be able to take a vacation and not spend a lot of money.

In the past, most travelers called a hotel directly and reserved their rooms. Because they called the business directly, they often were not offered discounts on their reservations. They had to pay whatever the hotel charged and could not haggle with the price. On the other hand, the hotel that booked the room depended on the client to pay for it. If the client cancelled his or her reservation, the establishment lost revenue for that night the room was reserved.

With the advent of the Internet, websites that cater to both clients and hotels have been created. These sites allow the establishments to advertise their available rooms, therefore recouping a certain amount of lost revenue. The websites also typically offer these services at a discount, therefore saving the customer money. Rather than the customer’s calling the business and booking a room, he or she might instead choose to look online and find cheap all inclusive vacations through these sites.

These same sites also routinely offer discounted flights and car rental services. Many times, travelers do not only need a place to sleep while in a different city. They may also need a way to get to their destination and a way to drive around the city once they are there.

With that, online booking for these amenities also now exists. They can reserve each service individually if they choose. More often, people reserve cheap vacation deals, as it lets them save money if they reserve it as a package rather than separately.

As helpful as these sites may be, a person may also be confused about which one to select for last minute vacation deals. In fact, many travel experts tell consumers to work with the travel website with which they feel most comfortable. The agents who work for these online businesses may be able to find different services on different dates. Consumers are advised to shop around and choose one that works best for them.

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Travelers who want to spare their budgets often consider cheap vacation packages for their traveling needs. Instead of calling hotels and motels directly, they shop online and find services offered at a discount. They may be asked for the ages and sizes of their families before reservations are finalized.